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After Cedar Grove Cemetery concerns, city begins cleanup


After Fox 54 told you about residents' concerns about the state of some graves at Cedar Grove Cemetery Sunday, city workers were out at the historic site beginning to take care of the problems.

Mattie Mitchell contacted Fox 54 because she was upset over the state of several perpetual care graves at Cedar Grove.

Large piles of dirt covering several graves and a downed tree atop tombstones were just some of her concerns.

Tuesday though, those problems were being corrected.

Workers with the Parks, Recreation, and Facilities Department were at the cemetery Tuesday morning, removing the dirt to uncover at least six graves that were completely buried underneath.

Mitchell says she's just happy the cemetery is getting its dignity back.

"The dirt is uncovered, and it brought back pride, and it brought back self-worth," she says. "That's all I wanted."

Deputy Administrator and Parks and Rec Interim Director Bill Shanahan says he's glad the problem was brought to the city's attention.

"They were right. As you can see, it was covering, and that's just disrespectful," he says. "We're not going to do that. That's not how this city works. We're going to make sure it doesn't happen again. I promise you."

Shanahan says the dirt will be moved to another cemetery, but won't be covering any graves.

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