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UPDATE: Three students withdraw from Terrace Manor Elementary School


Richmond County Board of Education has confirmed to FOX54 that students have withdrawn from Terrace Manor Elementary School following last night's meeting over health concerns.

BOE officials say that three students, all from the same family, will transfer to another Richmond County school.

Original Story:

Students and teachers at Terrace Manor claim they have health issues from spending time in the 49-year-old school.  

Initially some people thought the allergic reactions were triggered by mold; but according to test results there is no visible mold or airborne mold at the school.

The sharp words of concerned parents filled Terrace Manor Tuesday night as they met with school and health officials.

"Don't cut me off, your children are not here, we are concerned parents, our kids are here," said parent Joyce Munford.

Officials were quick to tell parents, there is no cover-up.

Officials say they aren't hiding any health risks to students, but some parents say they've already seen enough.

"I've seen the mold in the classroom; and I have two kids that have asthma. So, if they don't tear down the walls and rebuild them then my kids don't need to be here," said Keefe Howell.

Considering removing his children from the school; Howell came to the meeting to listen in.

"If the environment isn't good I don't think the teachers or the students need to be here," Howell, said.

Two weeks ago, our cameras were rolling as teachers were loaded onto stretchers and rushed to the hospital.

Tuesday night parents said students and teachers are still getting sick.

Test results say mold isn't the trouble; instead officials say the allergic reactions could be triggered by the way the school's cleaning materials are mixed.

Kindergarten teacher Marjorie Lanier says each time she uses the school cleaning spray she gets a headache because the smell of chemicals are so strong.

"You can feel it, it makes you want to cough right away," Lanier, said.

Lanier says she only uses the cleaning spray after her students leave because she's worried it will hurt their health.  

Officials say they will work with the school and parents to solve the problem.

So those at the school can focus on reading, writing and 'rithmetic instead of headaches sneezes and sniffles.

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