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Avoid scammers and shop safely online


For some shoppers the rush of Black Friday doesn't compare to shopping with the click of a button.

Fox54's Mark Barber asked shopper Iva Pickerell, "Black Friday or Cyber Monday, which do you prefer?" Pickerell said, "I love both but probably Cyber Monday. I didn't have to fight the crowd; I was at home in my PJs."

We asked Evans shopper Laurie Shaw the same question, she said, "Cyber Monday. I don't like crowds I don't like to get out and fight for the deals."

Cyber Monday is called the biggest online shopping day of the year as retailers try to attract online customers through big sales.

"Free shipping, actual discounts, 20%-25% off on certain items," said Shaw.

"Everything was in stock; everything should be in next week so I didn't have any downsides at all," Pickerell, said.

Pickerell and Shaw had no trouble shopping online Monday. But with more than $1.4 billion in sales expected Cyber Monday there is an abundance of scammers trying to take advantage of shoppers.

Something to remember when you're shopping online with your cell phone or your laptop is use an encrypted WiFi network so hackers won't have access to your information.

You can make sure you have a secure connection for websites that begin with https:// and also have a lock symbol.

Shaw says she practices safe online shopping, "We have the firewalls, we have the spyware, and we also have LifeLock."

"I check and make sure when I'm checking out that I get the secure lock and make sure it's a secure site," Pickerell, said.

After all, security is important when you're shopping for some of the biggest items you'll buy all year.

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