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Holiday shoppers turn to pawn shops for gift ideas


"Big sellers are going to be you know the TVs, We've got everything from the 42 inch to the 82 inch TV. Plenty of laptops, game systems sell, we've got iPods in here," said John Miller, the manager of Miller Pawn in Augusta. 

Miller says sales at the store always pick up this time of year.

"Lately we've been selling a lot of iPhones, iPhone4, tablets, those are big sellers," said Miller. 

Customers are beginning their holiday shopping and he says pawn shops are becoming havens for the cash strapped.

"Big savings. I mean you are going to spend $200 for an Xbox at Walmart and you can spend $100 for an Xbox from a pawn shop," said Miller. 

Big savings which means big sales for the stores.

"The first week before Christmas I will be completely empty. Everything will be sold, I won't have a laptop, I won't have an Xbox or Wii or anything I'll be completely sold out," said Miller. 

Just up the road, the staff at A-1 Pawn says they are also ready for the rush of holiday shoppers.

"It does pick up. We get about a 50% increase in business over the holidays," said the owner of A-1, Earl Driggers. 

Good prices are not the only thing bringing customers into pawn shops this holiday season. Being able to buy all your gifts at one location is also part of the allure.

"There are not many stores in town where you can go and find a set of guns like that. There are handguns, there are long guns, and we've got jewelry," said Driggers. 

Saving money and time, a good bargain this time of year.

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