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Firefighters working Thanksgiving bring holiday spirit to work

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At Martinez – Columbia Fire Rescue Station Four its business as usual for firefighters on Thanksgiving.

"This is not the first Thanksgiving that we've worked, we get hit with the holidays every now and then," said Lt. Kurt Bleemel.

He is working a 24 hour shift, and although there are the usual equipment checks, it's not a typical work day.  

"I actually enjoy working the holidays," Bleemel, said.

Most people would hate to work through the holidays but he's right at home.

"I'm the cook in the family here at station number four so I've got my turkey out; I got it all prepped and ready to go," said Bleemel.

Bleemel says it's ready to go because they're expecting company, "We're such a tight knit family here at the station, with everyone that's in EMS, fire, police and everyone in the public service. We invite everybody over and our families and everybody gets to come see us."

Firefighters aren't the only ones working the holiday, they're joined by many other employees in the retail and food industries; and of course, you can't forget the reporters spending Thanksgiving in the newsroom.

As Bleemel prepared Thursday's Thanksgiving dinner, his gear was close by, just in case.

"If we do happen to get that call out there, we do get to see other people, other families too. I just like to visit with everybody while we're out and about and let the families know that we're here if they need us," said Bleemel.  

Bleemel says he expects to work many more Thanksgivings in the future, but he's just fine with that.   

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