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75 exposed to tuberculosis, 3 showing signs of the disease at Butler High


Richmond County's top school official Dr. Carol Rountree and tuberculosis expert Dr. Ketty Gonzalez shared the latest on the tuberculosis scare at Butler High during a news conference Wednesday.

So far they've tested 500 students; the results show 75 students and teachers have been exposed to tuberculosis.

"Of all of those that were tested, 75 tested positive," said Gonzalez.

But a positive test doesn't mean students have the disease. Most people who test positive for TB do not actually develop the rare disease.

It all began last month when a student at Butler High began showing signs of tuberculosis. Since then, officials have confirmed one case of TB and say there may be several more.

"We have two individuals that have been identified as clinically with TB. And that means that they have findings suggesting of TB," Gonzalez, said.

Those students are out of school and are being treated for TB at home; their families have been tested as well.

As officials look to continue tests they are urging students and their parents not to worry.

"This is not outside the norm so there is no reason for us to be distressed," Rountree, said.

"I hope that the community calms down a little bit and enjoys the fall and the football games," said Gonzalez.

Following procedure, officials will rescreen everyone who tested negative for exposure to TB.

They expect to receive the results for the two students who are showing symptoms of TB in the next few weeks.

We will continue to follow this developing story and keep you updated.

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