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Congressman hears grievances of Augusta veterans

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They all have different backgrounds and are all from different branches of the military, but their needs and concerns are very much the same.

"It's real frustrating because you serve your country, myself for 31 years and after 31 years it seems like nobody really cares about you," said Milton McDaniel a veteran who served until 2009.

"I just need some help from the VA or Congressman Barrow or somebody to help me out. I'm trying to get my disability," said McDaniel. 

Disability and their veterans benefits, the reason these men and women are meeting with Representative John Barrow, fresh off his reelection to the 12th Congressional District.

"One of the reasons why it has been so easy to nickel and dime veterans is they are the most patriotic bunch of beneficiaries in the American society, they make the least demands," said Rep. Barrow. 

The Congressman and representatives of several veterans programs spoke about different programs available to retired military but many of these heroes say they are frustrated.

"When you get out of the army it seems like you get thrown to the side," said McDaniel. 

Representative Barrow says this is unacceptable and needs to be changed.

"If you don't take care of today's veterans you can't recruit tomorrow's army. The promises we make to folks when they enlist have to be kept over the course of their lifetime or those promises won't mean anything to the folks we are trying to recruit down the road," said Rep. Barrow. 

The veterans all hoping the country will step up to put in the time now for them.

"I'd just like to see everybody step up to the plate you know and do what they have to do for the veterans because we put a lot of time in with the military to serve our country," said McDaniel. 

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