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Augusta honors veterans during special ceremony

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Some have gray hair, others barely any hair at all, but just the lines on their faces, the memories of war are a part of who they are.

"I lost so many friends in Cambodia it's pathetic, I'm glad, just glad to be here," said Wily Payne a veteran. 

Payne like many other veterans is glad to be at the Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home, honoring the men and women who lost their lives protecting the nation.

"We can't say thank you enough to our veterans for their service, be it from World War II, the greatest generation, through Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, on and on," said Major General Lawarren Patterson, Fort Gordon's commanding general. 

"Of course it's important to him that we remember all veterans, not just us, but so many people who have sacrificed over the years," said Lorena Barrios whose husband served for many years. 

Honoring the country's veterans and spending time with those who serve to protect our nation, a meaningful experience for all who participate.

"Not just being here with people we love and know who look after us on a daily basis, but to remember people everywhere, everywhere," said Barrios. 

Remembering the heroes who battled in war, the many who have fallen and those who are still alive, becoming more important each year.

"We're losing somewhere around a thousand World War II veterans a day. To be able to have my own memories in coming years in being able to spend time with these men and women of the great second World War era," said the Major General. 

Whether a veteran or just a proud citizen, on this day, a reminder for all of what it means to be an American.

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