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Dozens of body donors giving back well after they're gone


Dozens of people, now deceased, elected to donate their bodies in the name of science to Georgia Health Sciences University.

"When he was dying, he said this was always something he wanted to do," said Diane Holliman, the daughter of one of the donors.

The bodies of the donors will be used for the medical, dental, and allied health programs.

"There will always be a need for human material," explained Diane. "You can learn things from the actual cadavers that you can't learn from the textbook or simulated lab."

Hundreds packed the Lee Auditorium to celebrated the lives of those who chose this selfless sacrifice. Families, faculty, and students celebrated their newfound connection.

"I'm just so proud of his generosity and that people were able to even get to know him," said Diane. "The students talked about how they were even able to get to know the cadavers even after their death."

Many families even elected to have their loved ones cremated and interred at an intimate garden setting right on campus.

"This was the place he was meant to be after he died," said Diane. "I'm just so glad he's here."

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