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Augusta Procter and Gamble Plant moving jobs


Usually on a weekday, Procter and Gamble's employee parking lot is full of cars. But Friday afternoon, the lot was empty. After an early-morning meeting, P&G employees got word of their future with the plant.

"They are not losing their jobs," said Marian Frutrell, plant manager. "What we are sharing with them is everyone who would like to stay with Procter and Gamble, has an opportunity to continue their career with Procter and Gamble." 

Employing 200 engineers and factory workers, the manufacturing facility produces dry laundry products including Tide and Gain. But over the next 12 to 18 months, plant managers say it will down-size; keeping only 40 positions. As for the other 160 employees...

"We are able to offer transfer opportunities to every one of our employees to another P&G facility in North America," Frutrell said.

Footing the bill for all of the relocation expenses, 50 of those opportunities will transfer to the Alexandria, La. site, where Augusta's plant is reorganizing its fabric care powders. P&G managers say the remaining employees will have opportunities at 39 of their other plants.

"For those who choose not to continue their careers with P&G, we will offer early retirement and separation packages, which will include separation allowances based on their years of service, benefits, outplacement assistance retraining allowances as well," Frutrell said.

The 40 positions staying in Augusta will operate the facility's innovation brands like the Bounce and Gain bars. P&G managers say the move is an effort to increase productivity within the company; while attempting to keep take care of all of their employees.

UPDATE: In a 1pm news conference, P&G officials announced the Mike Padgett Plant will be significantly sizing down operations.

The Augusta plant has been in operation for 50 years and employs nearly 200 workers. Of those 200, officials say only 40 will stay. The other employees will be given the opportunity to take other positions in Louisiana, Ohio or South Carolina.

All relocation costs will be covered for families who decide to move. The process will take place over the next 12 to 18 months.

If workers choose not to move, severance package or retirement packages will be offered. The plant is closed today, so families can decide what they want to do.

Officials tell FOX54 the Augusta site will stay open and continue processing products, but on a much lower scale.



Employees at the Procter and Gamble Plant on Mike Padgett Highway were called in this morning at 9am for a meeting to discuss the future of their plant.

FOX54 received several phone calls from concerned employees who said they weren't sure if they would have a job after today.

Officials from Procter and Gamble's Corporate Offices tell us they are meeting with employees today, but the content of those meetings is not being released just yet. Officials do tell us the plant will not be closing. All plant operations are working as usual today.

We have a crew at the plant now and will have more on this developing story as we continue to investigate.

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