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Voters turnout to the polls to make voices heard

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Despite cold weather and some rain, voters took to the polls, wanting to make sure their voices are heard on Election Day.

"Long. It's been about a 45 minute wait to get to the door here and everybody is standing around shivering," said voter James Parker in North Augusta. 

Shivering at some polling locations in the CSRA, but still turning up in big numbers to vote.

"We were real busy first thing this morning, we got a little slack now but we expect it to be busy all day," said Margie Morris a polling manager in Appling. 

Vehicles were parked along the curb and all the way down to the street at Mt. Transfiguration Baptist Church in North Augusta, just one sign of the big crowds that have some voters frustrated.

"When I got here I was right there where that wall is and I've had to wait in line an hour and a half," said Rose Marshall, a frustrated voter. 

Long lines, less of a problem in the middle of the day, with many voters turning up before or after work to cast their ballots.

"It's been like a general election. It's usually this busy when we first open up but we've been especially busy. We voted 185 people in about 45 minutes," said Lee Carter a poll manager in Columbia County.

Bad weather and long lines, not keeping determined voters from the polls.


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