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Voter confusion at several Valley polling places


Whether you stood in line to vote in Glendal or cast your ballot in Phoenix or Tempe, problems kept popping up at various polling places across the Valley Tuesday.

CBS5 received a number of emails:

"The polling machine was broken."

"My name was not on the voting roster."

"People were pretty frustrated."

Susan Richter was told she had to fill out a provisional ballot, even though her name was listed on the voter roster.

"I don't know if it will count," said Richter. "It feels like I don't have a voice."

Richard Diaz was also asked to fill out a provisional ballot, but the Tempe businessman was a little skeptical.

"They said 'You are not on the list' and to do a provisional ballot," said Diaz. "I said 'no, I don't want to vote that way.'"

Election officials soon discovered that due to redistricting, the Tempe man's polling place had changed.

CBS5 asked poll watcher Laura McLane what would have happened if Diaz simply listened to election officials and filled out a provisional ballot as they first instructed.

"His vote would have basically been thrown away," said McClane. "He would have assumed he voted and it counted, but it would not have counted."

Election officials said that most of the confusion on Election Day centered on redistricting, which created new polling places for a lot of voters.

Another problem involved voters who were sent early ballots, but showed up to vote anyway.

Any provisional ballot filled out in the wrong precinct is thrown out, said McClane.

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