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Battle heating up for control of emergency response

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The battle is heating up between the Augusta Fire Department and Gold Cross EMS.

"Since we are the primary ambulance service that we be designated as such and the Fire Department is designated as a secondary which they act as today," said Vince Brogdon, the CEO of Gold Cross.

The company wrote a letter to the state in the hopes of being appointed the primary provider of ambulance services in Richmond County, no longer wanting to share the status with the city as they currently do now.

"It's worked very well at least from the outside looking in for about the last seven years," said Courtney Terwilliger, who serves on the East Regional EMS Council. 

That council tabled the issue of whose in charge until February 2012, a disappointing decision for Brogdon.

"This is just something that we want to change to get it right with the state," said Brodgon. 

Getting it right, something Gold Cross claims the city has failed to do in the past. 

 "The Fire Department was without an ambulance for over five years," said Brogdon, going on to say the city should have lost their license. 

 But the Fire Department, just finding out about the request, worries if the company does become a primary provider, it could mean less ambulances on the road. 

 "I think the people of Richmond County are really fortunate to have really good people. It's unfortunate they have these differences of opinion at this point," said Terwilliger. 

 Differences of opinion the council hopes will be solved, before it's too late.

"I think the perfect solution would be for these folks to get together and work together because quite frankly it takes all of them to make sure citizens are protected every day," said Terwilliger. 

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