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Kickin for a Kidney: Hundreds of kickball players to help a local family


Imagine getting a kidney transplant, and not being able to afford the medications that you need to stay alive. Now, a kickball, and a couple hundred local guys are helping a father and husband stay alive.

Paul Anderson was out with his son and friends on a blustery October day at a kickball scrimmage.

"We found out two years ago that my dad would inevitably need a kidney transplant," said Paul's son Kevin. "He is subject to a rare genetic kidney disease. He has been working with about 13% percent kidney function for the last three or four months."

The Anderson Family is close knit; immediately, Kevin stepped up to donate his own kidney, but wasn't a match.

"I went out there to be a donor first thing," explained Kevin. "But being a donor was unsuccessful. I don't have the same blood type as my father."

His sister, Sara, is a likely match.

But what does kickball have to do with this story?

"I wanted to just jump on the other side of the transplant," said Kevin. "So I decided to do a fundraiser, in the way of a kickball tournament."

It's not just the surgery that costs money. The follow-up medications can cost thousands of dollars.

"The medication is an anti-rejection medication," explained Paul. "If I didn't take that, my kidney I just received would die in a week."

With the help of social media savvy friends, a Facebook page was created; and Kickin' for a Kidney was born. Hundreds of potential players later, the immense support has left everyone surprised.

"Well Kevin is one of my good buddies from high school," said Cole Watkins. "So he gave me a call and I said let's do it. Its gotten to be a lot bigger than me or him ever thought it would be."

Soon, hundreds had signed up to pay to play.

"The community has definitely rallied around my family," said Kevin. "The response from people via the social network of Facebook has just been amazing."

Even though he has a long struggle ahead, Paul is thankful for his family, and the hundreds of players he doesn't even know.

"This family has come together and rallied to be one."

Kickin' for a Kidney will take place on Saturday, November 10th at Riverside Park in Evans. For information about raffles, the local sponsors, and more information, head to the event website.

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