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Do you believe in ghosts? ASU officials say their buildings are haunted

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Do you believe in ghosts?

Ginny Luke says the 17 years she has worked in the counseling center at Augusta State University's Bellevue Hall have been filled with spooky activity.

"There has been some ghostly things going on here," said Luke.

"Heard two people here arguing at the foot of the stairs, came out to investigate, no one was here," Luke, said.

She says the source of the night frights could go back to the Civil War.

"The story goes it is Emily Gault who was engaged to one of the one of the soldiers here who went off to war. He was killed and she threw herself out of one of the windows upstairs," Gault, said.

Over at the Benet House on campus the scares continue.

"They think there's some paranormal activity in the house," says ASU's director for Military and Veterans Services Center Carol Giardina.

Giardina said students and staff who work in the house deal with a haunting too, "She was coming up the stairs and she could see boots at the top of the stairs there was nobody there."

Giardina says during the Civil War a soldier was shot and killed in the building and they think his ghost could be causing the scares.

Students who hoped to learn the houses secret put an audio recorder in the building overnight; in the recording you can hear the sounds of footsteps and doors slamming.

"Do you think this building is haunted with ghosts?" Fox54 asked. Luke said, "Sure, I sure do, yeah."

"Enough of us have had an experience, it's definitely something, but who can say?" asked Giardina.

That's a question to be answered by you.

Giardina says no one has been hurt in the buildings and it makes for a little extra fun and excitement on the job.

If you'd like to listen to the student's recording of sounds in the building, head over to:

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