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State Superintendent upbeat about direction of GA schools


Upbeat and positive- two words to describe State Superintendent Dr. John Barge's message to Augustans Monday.

"Georgia was the only state in the nation that saw an increase in each and every national assessment," he says.

That is why Dr. Barge says Georgia schools are on their way up. 

"Our students are learning fewer standards, but at a much deeper level," Barge says. "So the performance are actually rising."

Barge addressed a crowd at the Richmond Co. Board of Education Monday afternoon.

Richmond Co. Schools Superintendent Dr. Charles Roberson agrees with Barge, and is positive about the outlook of Richmond Co. Schools himself, even despite subpar End of Course Test scores. 

"Yearly results are snapshot reviews," he says. "You have to look at results over a period of time, and that's when you see the growth that is sustaining."

Barge also reinforced his stance against the controversial charter school amendment on next Tuesday's ballot.

"It is something I don't support," he says."The Constitutional amendment to allow for local and state approval for charter schools is not necessary because we already have that."

Roberson is glad to see Barge take that stance.

"The top educator taking a stand that is very objective, research based, backed by statistics, it feels good," Roberson says.

And as Barge says he sees improvement continuing in Georgia's schools, Roberson says he expects Richmond Co. Schools to be a part of that change.

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