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Marines and sailors run non-stop for fallen comrades

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One thousand four hundred eighty six miles - that's how far these marines and navy coremen are running. They're paying tribute to their fallen brothers and sisters who sacrificed their lives during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

"When a marine is running a mile, they're actually running that mile for a particular marine, and so we have a projector showing a picture of that marine or navy coreman, and kind of a little biography of who they were, where they're from, and how they died," said Clinton Armstrong, a commander at Fort Gordon.

Here at Barton Field at Fort Gordon, this is the 8th annual Tribute to the Fallen Run. Through the cold winds or sweltering heat; rain, sleet, snow or sunshine, these service members will run non-stop on the three-mile track for the next 10 days.

"It's pretty much like getting wind blown in your face for the first half of it," said Staff Sgt. Christopher Magliolo. "It's kind of like running uphill, and the second half wasn't too bad; dusty on the track, and it's kind of cold this morning, but about half way through it started warming up."

But these marines say suffering from sore muscles and throbbing blisters is nothing compared to ultimate sacrifice their fallen brethren made.

"Having someone that's lost people, I would never want them to be forgotten," said Demitri Assur, a marine and volunteer runner. "I would never want myself to be forgotten. I want their families to know that we're here and we care about them."

Each runner will pass off a pouch full of 21 blank bullets to keep the relay going. Ten days from now, those blanks will be fired; saluting the marines and sailors who lost their lives.

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