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IT experts relieve stress of 'password overload"


"Facebook, Twitter, Gmail."
"Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo mail"
"Oh gosh there's like 100 of them, I couldn't possibly name all of them."
We all have them.
"Pintrest, Tumblr."
"LinkedIn, Youtube, Blogger."
"Oh! My Augusta State email."
…dozens and dozens of Internet accounts. From social networks like Facebook and Twitter, to email logins like Gmail and Hotmail, and don't forget your work and financial accounts. Our online existence relies heavily on digital security. But keeping the determined hacker from wrecking our personal and professional lives comes at a price.
"It's very important to change your password ever four to six months," said one IT expert. "You want to have a number or symbol to really make it difficult for someone else to guess."
Password overload: having to remember and reset all those passwords and usernames linked to our online accounts. A recent survey revealed 58 percent of American adults need to remember five or more online passwords, and 30 percent have ten or more to keep track of. The study even found that 38 percent of adults would rather tackle household chores, like folding laundry or scrubbing toilets, than having to come up with another password.
"Yeah, it's really hard for me to remember all of them. And it is annoying to have to keep changing them."
Just like you, I'm a victim of password overload. I probably type in two or three passwords into my Gmail, or work computer before guessing the right password that grants me access.
To find a remedy for my password overload, I went to the IT experts. Downtown EDTS, one of their jobs is resetting passwords for their clients. But instead of calling in to get a new password, they offered much easier ways to remember our ever-changing passwords.
"There are apps like KeePass or password manager where you can store all of your usernames and passwords," said Delano Collins, director at the IT company. "Or you can just keep the same password for each account, and just add pound Facebook, or pound eBay for each of the logins."
I took this information downtown to test it out.

"I actually have my own algorithm for it."

Whether it's calculating your own system of password changing, or simply using a site to store all your passwords, which yes, requires another password to remember, both can be cures if you suffer from Password Overload.

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