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House fire kills 1, fire department continues investigation

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"Cars on fire, stuff falling, glass breaking, flames coming up real fast," said Lleylanna Stewart, a 16-year-old living next door.

That's the scene neighbors described after a fire destroyed a home on Apricot Lane, killing a man inside.

"I saw the smoke first, it wasn't burning yet," said Ida Tom, she lives across the street for the house. "It was just a lot of smoke, and when I looked again it was up in flames."

Neighbors say 92-year-old Carl Glumph lived in the house for nearly 30 years. There were four people inside when it caught on fire. Neighbors say they rushed over to pull the victims out through windows.

 "I moved the curtain over and looked outside the window and the house was on fire," Stewart said. "I ran downstairs and went over to help. I went over to help the lady put her mother or sister in the car."

Three people escaped, one man did not. Now the Augusta Fire Department is investigating what sparked the fire. They will say the fire didn't start because of a household appliance, and will rely on witnesses in the house at the time.

"They actually saw the fire inside the room where the victim was," said Lt. Carlton Bradley, a fire inspector with the Augusta-Richmond County Fire Department. "So we can locate the fire to be in the room where the victim was, but we just have to do some follow-up interviews with the occupants that were there."

The victims were taken to the hospital because they inhaled too much smoke. Fire inspectors boarded up the house, as they continue their investigation. Neighbors say they're still shaken up over the tragic death, and hold Glumph's family in their prayers.

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