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FOX 54 XTRA POINT: "The Brickyard" hallowed ground in Thomson


The bricks stand firm still today, witnesses to decades of Georgia high school football history.
"There's been some great players, great teams, and a lot of memories," says Thomson Head Coach Milan Turner.
In Thomson, this is hallowed ground: "The Brickyard: Home of the Bulldogs."
"Everybody in town knows this is a special place," says Thomson historian Bill Beckham. "Even if it may not be the center of the actual city limits, it's the center of town"
Since the 1940's, the bricks have surrounded the playing field and the champions that have played on it.
And for the Thomson community, the place to be on an autumn Friday night is without question.
"It's an exciting place to be for everybody," says Turner. "Whether you're a football player, or a cheerleader, or a fan, or in the band, or just a student at Thomson who wants to support your team."
This place has become synonymous with the program itself, something the community has rallied around.
"In Augusta and bigger towns where they have several different teams and schools playing at stadiums, it's different than here, because everybody knows this is where their team plays," says Beckham.
At a time when many have moved on from the traditional stadiums for newer and modern structures, Thomson has been able to keep what Turner calls the best of both worlds.
"We've kept a lot of the pieces of that important history and tradition," he says. "Then within the confines of The Brickyard have built what I think is an awesome, beautiful high school stadium."
And for those in the small town, it will remain a special place, sure to bear witness to decades more history.

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