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Lower attendance to forums discussing Georgia Regents University, alumni still upset with New U name

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Augusta, GA (WFXG) - As consolidation between Georgia Health Sciences University and Augusta State University continue to move forward, ASU alumni and Augusta residents are still concerned about the name of the merged university.

Monday afternoon, attendance was lower than previous forums when GHSU and ASU hosted two meetings to discuss academic programs, parking and facilities. The new Georgia Regents University will offer 111 academic programs.

Like previous forums, attendants were allowed to ask questions. Only one woman stepped up to the microphone, suggesting the merged university save legal costs by avoiding a trademark infringement lawsuit filed by Virginia's Regents University.

"She gave an honest answer," said Catherine Rutland, an ASU alumna. "And the answer was 'no we haven't looked into that, and the lawyers will have to handle it.' But I figured if you're going to figure our all the stuff that's going to cost what, you should look at that because it's not going to be a small amount of money."

Georgia Regents University is set to begin its first semester in January.

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