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Father reacts to not guilty plea of his daughter's accused killer

Hephzibah, GA (WFXG) - Just days after having spinal surgery, John Salter wasn't going to miss the arraignment of his daughter's accused killer. Down at the Richmond County courthouse,Todd Goff, 24, pled "not guilty" to murdering his long-time girlfriend, Tiffany Salter.

"It's that important to me not to miss anything," Salter said. "I want to be there to represent my daughter. It's all about her and the rest of these women who are going through the same thing." 

Salter said his daughter was a victim of domestic violence. Investigators said she was strangled to death following a domestic dispute with Goff. He was charged with murder, and was granted a $50,000 bond.

Friday morning, his lawyers entered his plea. Salter says he was disappointed Goff did not see him in the courtroom. 

"He needs to see that he's hurt people," Salter said. "More than just what he did to Tiffany. This has devastated a lot of people; this whole community."

The most devastated is Salter himself. Pictures of Tiffany hang on walls around his home. He even keeps her remains in an urn on the coffee table. Salter says he's taking pain medication for his back, but NO pain can compare with having to live without his daughter. 

"It's kind of hard to get used to, but it's something I think I need," Salter said. "I can't forget about her.

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