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Safe Sleep campaign launches to help reduce newborn fatalities

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Georgia's first lady and the Juvenile Justice are coming together to save newborns with a 'Safe Sleep' campaign. 

October is 'SIDS' Awareness Month for parents across the country and Safe Sleep Month in Georgia. To help reduce the number of newborn fatalities from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, the Department of Juvenile Justice is working with Georgia's first lady Sandra Deal to help educate new parents and caregivers on how to avoid the dangers of infant choking and suffocation during sleep.  

DJJ has kicked-off this awareness campaign by launching a ‘Safe Sleep' webpage with lifesaving information and ‘Safe Sleep' tips on how to avoid the dangers of this silent killer.  

"At the Department of Juvenile Justice, we had the honor of designing an official poster for the state's ‘Safe Sleep' campaign," said Commissioner Buckner in a news release. "The DJJ poster advises Georgia parents to always place babies on their backs when putting them to sleep," the Commissioner said. "And it addresses another danger to newborns: It is OK to sleep in the same room with your baby, but not in the same bed.  Don't put your child at risk."  

Here is an easy reminder experts offer to new parents "to remember their ABC's for safe infant sleep." 

  • Alone – Do not share a bed.
  • Back – Place infants to sleep on their backs, not their stomachs or sides.. And
  • Crib –   Use a safety approved sleep place such as a crib or bassinette. 

For more information about SIDS and Safe Sleep for Babies visit the following websites:

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