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Veterans upset about proposed nursing home fee


Their faces show the wear of time, their minds hide the memories of war and now, they face a new battle they never thought they would have to.

"I think it's a hoax is what it is," said partially blind Korean War veteran George Elmore. 

Elmore is talking about a proposed fee for residents at the two Georgia veteran's homes, one of those in Augusta.

"State appropriations have not been able to keep up with the cost of care at both of our homes and they want to keep as many of our veterans in our homes that we can possible keep in there," said Daniel Holtz with the Veteran's Service. 

Legislators say the fee is to help keep as many veterans in the homes as possible. The proposed rate, $22.42 a day, about $682 a month. 

"There is a provision for a sliding scale for those who have economic issues. There are also provision for filing for a waiver," said Holtz. 

For many of the veterans and their families, the fee is something they say will be a burden. 

"When you only get from social security $832 a month, that's it, that's the only income and out of that you're paying six hundred and something to stay somewhere, no that is sad," said Jackqueline Cobb, whose father lives at the Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home. 

Many believe the fees do not serve those, who served us.

"I think seniors ought to be relaxing, resting, enjoying life and enjoy being taken care of, since they took care of us and risked their lives for us,"  said Cobb.

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