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Voter registration deadline nears, Paine College students collect last-minute forms

Just four days before Georgia's voter registration deadline, Angela Graves, 21, says she wasn't going to miss participating in this election.

"This will actually be the first election I can vote in, because this time four years ago I wasn't quite the age," said Graves, a senior at Paine College. 

Like her peers at Paine College, this will be their first time voting too. They're collecting last-minute voter registration papers. Tuesday is the last day for Georgia residents to register to vote in November's general election, and stacks of forms are piling up down at the Board of Elections office.

"The applications for voter registration are coming into our office," said Lynn Bailey, Director of the Board of Elections office. "Hundreds every day. And so we are entering them into our system as quickly as we can."

Once residents are entered into the system, the elections office will mail a precinct information card. Many residents have been affected by redistricting, which has caused confusion among Richmond County residents.

"For many of our voters, they will perhaps for the first time be seeing new names on their ballots," Bailey said.

But clerks say they're doing their best to stay organized to keep the voting process simple, which is why students at Paine College say there's no excuse for them not to participate.

"You do have that choice," said Ashley Taylor, a sophomore at Paine College. She registered to vote for the first time Saturday. "I feel like if things do go wrong in your country, you can't really complain about it unless you try to make a change."

A change Graves says is her responsibility to make.

"I'm very excited, because these changes and these political actions actually affect me now that I'm entering the professional world," Graves said.

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