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FOX54 EXCLUSIVE: Adoptive owner gives suspected puppy mill dog a home

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Last week a three-year-old terrier mix named Maggie watched the world from the inside of a cage with her big brown eyes.

Now, for the first time she's viewing the world outside of those bars.

"She's scared of everything and everybody. She's afraid of other dogs; she doesn't know what a squirrel is, so we are slowly learning what things are in the world," said P.J. Harris, Maggie's adoptive owner.

Until now, Maggie lived her entire life in cage at a suspected puppy mill in Edgefield County.

But her life took a different turn this week when Harris took one look into Maggie's brown eyes and made her home, Maggie's home too.

"I really didn't care where she came from, what she'd gone through; I wanted to take care of her. I adopted her on the spot, got her a new leash and a new collar and a new name," said Harris.

Harris also gave Maggie a new shot at life as well.

Harris says Maggie is recovering slowly, but her thin stomach and tail which she hardly ever wags constantly remind her of Maggie's hard years.

Harris says when she first adopted Maggie she bought all kinds of dog toys, but Maggie isn't interested in them. Harris says that's because Maggie never learned how to play.

But she can cuddle and Harris says that's how they spend their days. 

"It's a great friendship between the two of us, I needed somebody or something to do in my life and she's something to do all the time," said Harris.

Harris is retired and said she needed Maggie almost as much as Maggie needed her, "She needed some real attention and I needed something or someone to give my attention to."

So you just might say Maggie's new home with Harris is the best thing that could have happened for both of them.

Including Maggie, five other dogs from the suspected puppy mill have been adopted from the Albrecht SPCA in Aiken.

If you're interested in giving one of these dogs a home, the center has 6 dogs ready for adoption now and they will have an additional 10 to 15 dogs ready for adoption next week.

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