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Older couple scams renter out of hundreds


Investigators are searching for two scammers who are accused of ripping off a mother who was trying to rent a house.

"Anybody that looks at the house, or rather inside the home would know that this is a beautiful home for a family," said Consuela Maloyd. 

Maloyd says she fell in love with an Augusta home when she first saw an ad for it on Craigslist.

"Anybody would love it, it was gorgeous," said Maloyd. 

So she met with an elderly woman and her husband, claiming to be the landlords, and took a tour of the home. The woman, who went by the false name of Moriya Ariff, gave Maloyd two forms of identification and the lease paperwork. Maloyd handed over $650 in cash.

"She wrote me the lease agreement along with the receipt, gave me two keys," said Maloyd. 

But that's when the trouble started. Maloyd went back to the house and found out Ariff didn't own the home at all and had given her a fake phone number, fake IDs and a fake lease.

"I got this big knot in my stomach, until I felt so sick, light headed," said Maloyd.

Maloyd says she had already forwarded her mail to the address and was excited about moving her and her family in.

"I was upset because knowing me and my family were not going to get this home, that really upsets me," said Maloyd. 

She couldn't get a hold of the scammer and would not get the home or her $650 back.

"It's not easy working hard for something that somebody just comes and takes away from you," said Maloyd. 

With the help of friends the family was able to move into a new home, but Maloyd says she is heartbroken by what happened to her.

"If you cant trust an older lady, who can you trust?," she said.

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