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Blind man who regained independence helping others do the same


It's been 17 years since Brian Mosley lost his sight after a gun accident.

"Back then I was totally in the dark," remembered Mosley.

But now he's regained his independence; he uses smart phone apps to tell him what color his clothes are and with the help of his guide dog Jake, he doesn't have trouble getting around. 

"I was able to advance my independence and feel more like I could do things again on my own or by myself without having to depend on others," said Mosley.

It's independence he found through Walton Options, an independent living center in Augusta for people with all types of disabilities.

Since Mosley passed through their program he has graduated with a degree in Psychology from Augusta State University.

Now he works as a teacher at the center where he says his eyes were opened once again.

"Here I provide them with the supports, the information necessary and anything else I could possibly do to give back," Mosley, said.

He's giving back by helping students such as Jerry Johnson gain their independence too.

"I came here looking for more independence, trying to find a job," said Johnson who is blind.

Johnson hopes to work at a call center and he's training by using a screen reading computer program called Jobs Access With Speech.

Johnson and many other students are focusing on learning the physical aspects of jobs because for many, their character is ready for the workplace.

"One of the things I pride myself on is being on time, honesty, trustworthy and just being able to get along with people," said Johnson.

While many are labeled as being impaired, they say it isn't about their disabilities, it's about their ability to overcome and achieve.

For more information on the programs Walton Options offers, head over to their web site:

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