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New report links more crimes to 'Fast and Furious'

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About 1,300 weapons were allowed to walk across the border in the hands of criminals in the botched ATF Operation called Fast and Furious.

Some of the guns were used at the scenes of violent crimes. But a new report by Univision News tracked even more of the weapons and discovered the failed U.S. operation has cost innocent lives.

Until now, the most high-profile murder scene linked to the weapons purchased in the Fast and Furious Operation was that of the gun battle that killed U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

A new investigation by Univision News found 57 more previously unreported guns that were used in vicious murders across the border, including a massacre at a teenage party in Ciudad Juarez where gunmen from the cartel La Linea murdered 14 young men and women.

The Univision report also links the serial numbers of Fast and Furious guns to the massacre at a rehab center in Ciudad Juarez where 18 young men were killed in 2009.

The report would bring the grand total of Fast and Furious guns seized at crime scenes to 179.

Some close to the failed operation question the logic of Univision's findings because ATF straw buyers during Fast and Furious only supplied guns to the Sinoloan drug cartel and these massacres were carried out by the Sinoloan rival, La Linea. 

However, it is possible for gang members to switch sides and take their guns with them.

Univision also reported that Arizona is not the only state that carried out failed gun trafficking stings.

ATF offices in both Florida and Texas had similar operations that allowed guns into the hands of killers. The total number of weapons lost in those states have yet to be determined.

In the final report, released last week, the inspector general of the Justice Department recommended a top to bottom review of the Fast and Furious procedures.

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