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Residents near Plantation Blood to voice noise concerns to city


The youth seeking the thrill of Plantation Blood weren't the only ones screaming with its opening Friday night.

"Will I be screaming? Yes. I will probably grab a chainsaw myself," said Frank Walker who lives next to the haunted attraction.

Even though Walker says it with a smile on his face he says the noise is a serious problem.

"Chainsaws, the loud booms, and the screams, you can hear the screams up until late at night," Walker, said.

He says if the noise wasn't bad enough, they're dealing with traffic too.

"We've got some elderly people and it takes them an additional 25 to 40 minutes to get from their home to get to Travis Road because of the traffic flow," said Walker.

The one way street leading to Plantation Blood is also a concern for the elderly residents with health issues.

"If we had to get an emergency crew in here, ambulance or he had to be rushed to the hospital -- he's got to go through all the traffic next door to get to the hospital," said Walker.

Walker says this is the fourth year the Plantation has brought trouble to their neighborhood.

"The owner has made a statement that we can go out and get earmuffs get sleeping pills, well we can do that for 30 days but can we do that for 365 days a year?" asked Walker.

He said the Plantation is looking to rezone so they can offer a good scare to people all year long, "We've reached the limit as far as the neighborhood is concerned and we've got to do something."

Residents tell Fox54 they plan to do something for the welfare of the community. Walker says they will present their concerns to the Richmond County Planning and Zoning Commission on October 1.

Plantation Blood officials didn't want to speak on camera but they told Fox54 they put up a fence around the haunted attraction in response to noise complaints from neighbors.

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