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Deputies: Mother and young child escape kidnapper

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Ashley Nay says she can't hold her two-year-old daughter close enough because she thought she was going to lose her.

"He got on top of her, put a knife to her throat and told me to drive," said Nay.

Nay says 42-year-old Leonard Sapp ran up to her car at an Augusta gas station Wednesday night.

Sapp, armed with a knife, threatened to kill Nay's little daughter unless she did what he told her.

"I was crying, I was scared," Nay, said.

She says Sapp told her to start driving, and with a knife to her child's throat, she did.

Nay said she was telling him, "Just don't hurt my baby, don't hurt her,"

She said she had no doubt what her attacker planned, "He told me he was going to rape me."

She says he started touching her privates; and when she saw a car pull into a driveway in front of them, she slammed on the brakes and screamed for help. 

"She was full of blood and he just kept punching her and punching her. I was like, 'Don't do her that way, stop hitting her.' She was like get my baby, get my baby, please somebody help me," said Iguana Mills.

Mills said she was panicked, but she called 911 and then took action, ""He turned his back, I opened the car door there was a knife between the baby's legs. I got the knife while his back was turned, got the baby out of the car seat, unbuckled the baby, gave the baby to her."

Nay was also able to escape from the vehicle; leaving her kidnapper alone in the truck.

Richmond County investigators say Sapp then turned the corner, lost control of the truck and crashed into a vehicle.

Investigators say when Sapp tried to exit the vehicle and flee; three people at a nearby house chased him down and held him until deputies could arrive.

Sapp already has a long list of arrests; now he faces charges of Kidnapping and Criminal Attempt Rape. 

Now that Nay is safe with her little girl; she's keeping her as close as she can.

"I'm happy. I just ended up with a broken nose, fractured nose, other than that I'm happy," said Nay.

A grateful Nay tells Fox54 she plans to personally thank the woman who she says saved her life and the life of her young daughter.

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