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Waynesboro Police arrest more than a dozen on drug charges

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It is a quiet afternoon in the city of Waynesboro, just hours after investigators rounded up more than a dozen drug dealers.

"We're talking about cocaine, oxycoton, we're talking about marijuana, we're talking about crack, all types of drugs," said Deputy Chief of the Waynesboro Police Department, Roosevelt Lodge.

Drugs an undercover officer bought from the dealers during Operation Clean Sweep, a 40-day investigation.  

"Within the entire city. We went from one end of town making arrests, making drug buys and then subsequent arrests," said Lodge about the investigation.

Investigator Charles Prescott led the operation and drove FOX54 through the neighborhoods where the arrests were made.

"If you're out here in the streets you realize drugs are one of the major problems, so we found if you curtail the drug problems a lot of the other problems go down" said Investigator Prescott. 

Officers say they planned the operation after public outcry over a rise in crime in the area.

"There was an increase in thefts, burglaries, and even robberies," said Lodge.

Getting the criminals off the streets, a task Investigator Prescott says can have serious consequences for the officers.  

"You've got good cops out here, risking their lives every day and not thinking twice about it, and I think that gets overlooked a lot of times," said Prescott. 

A risk the officers are willing to take to make sure the City of Waynesboro is a safe place to live.

Original Story:

Officers from The Waynesboro Police Department took to the streets today in a round-up that will net more than 20 arrests to end a 40-day investigation into illegal drug activity in the city. 

Over this period of time, we had 20 drug dealers who sold drugs to undercover officers, some on more than one occasion.  Many of these dealers were targeted and others were new to us. 

"This was a sizeable undertaking for a police department of our size but, was done by employees of this agency alone.  We investigated these offenses utilizing video/audio equipment and had to use a large portion of our patrol staff to assist in the operation today."

Officers met at 5am this morning and saturated the city to serve warrants on suspects targeted for sale of Marijuana, crack/cocaine, and oxycodone pills.  A few of the drug dealers live outside of the city and will be arrested at a later time when we can coordinate with those agencies to facilitate the arrests. Officers wanted to keep this operation confidential in order to have the greatest impact. 

Several of the drug dealers involved in this operation have been arrested and/or convicted for drug offenses in the past.  A few of the dealers are currently serving out sentences on probation and/or parole.

The officers divided into teams, and from there will attempt to track down 20  individuals, some of them who may be found at different addresses than listed as their last known residences.

The investigation should result in the following arrests:

Andre Dale Robinson B/M DOB 1/21/58 713 Cherry St. Waynesboro Sale of Crack/Cocaine

Larry Walker Sr. B/M DOB 9/2/54 713 Cherry St. Waynesboro Sale of Crack/Cocaine

Janard Donell Abram B/M DOB 9/15/83 804 Cherry St. Waynesboro Sale of Crack/Cocaine

Kendrick Brown B/M DOB 11/8/91 703 A Street Waynesboro Sale of Crack/Cocaine

Bruce Edward Brihm Jr.  B/M DOB 5/29/87 703 A Street Waynesboro Sale of Marijuana

Sidney Danielle Douglas B/M DOB 5/28/82 848 Myrick St. Waynesboro Sale of Crack/Cocaine

Neshawn Lavelle Scott B/M DOB 12/14/76 511 W. 8th St. Waynesboro Sale of Marijuana

Dezmond Rashod Howard B/M DOB 10/23/90 1210 Hale St. Waynesboro Sale of Crack/Cocaine

Sammy Hughes B/M DOB 5/23/77 1998 Neptune Dr. Augusta Sale of Crack/Cocaine

Fredrica Katrice Ellison B/M DOB 10/17/87 803 Davis Rd. Waynesboro Sale of Marijuana

Sadrina Lavette Wallace B/F DOB 10/19/82 506 E. 9th St. Waynesboro Sale of Oxycodone Pills

Joseph Lovett Quick W/M DOB 3/18/91 275 Morris Dr. Waynesboro Sale of Oxycodone Pills

Cedric Lamont Kent B/M DOB 7/10/74 875 Ward St. Waynesboro Sale of Crack/Cocaine

Brittney Hughes B/F DOB 7/30/85 712 Savannah Ave. Waynesboro Sale of Crack/Cocaine

Alvin Whitfield B/M DOB 12/2/66 703 A St. Waynesboro Sale of Crack/Cocaine

Lamarshall Donnell Scott B/M DOB 8/25/84 3715 River Rd. Waynesboro Sale of Marijana

Ronderick Brown B/M DOB 419 E. 8th St. Waynesboro Sale of Crack/Cocaine

Nicholas Gresham B/M DOB 10/21/80 813 Washington Dr. Waynesboro Sale of Crack/Cocaine

Alphonso Burley B/M 690 E. 7th St. Lot B7 Waynesboro Sale of Marijuana



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