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Military families face fear with support from each other

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"It's tough, I mean you worry but you try not to make that a priority because you've got so many things you need to take care of at home," says Heather Menard, a military wife facing her husband's fourth deployment overseas. 

Menard knows what it's like to worry, her husband, Jamie is in Afghanistan.

"Waiting for that phone call, waiting for that phone call, never knowing if you're going to be next," says Menard. 

She says military spouses and other family members face a lot while their loved ones are serving, trying to stay as strong as they can.

"I guess we're like the silent military because we do have to take care of things at home. People don't understand what that is," says Menard. 

But, she also says the military family is always there, to support and lift up those in need.

"Military families are a huge community and support group. So our hearts go out to all of them. We pray. That's all we can do is pray that they heal," she says, because sometimes words are not enough.

"There's no words. There are no words. There's nothing you can say except I'm sorry," says Menard. 

But she says for most serving in the military, defending our country is worth the risk, and so, is loving them.

"We manage. People ask all the time how do you do it and I just say 'It's like breathing, you have no choice, this is who he is,'" she proudly says.

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