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Zombies overrun Downtown Augusta


From the organizers:

All signs are pointing to an uprising of untold proportions.  Zombie activity has had a sharp increase lately with more sightings being made daily.

This startling evidence is leading top researchers to believe that a full blown horde may develop on Friday October first.  The bulk of the horde is expected to be located on 12th and Reynolds in downtown Augusta on this day.  Scientists aren't certain if the recent spike in Zombie activity can be attributed to a rare form of radiation, a yet undiscovered virus, or something from the realm of the occult.  Zombie hordes have been recorded in history, but few credible accounts have been recorded in recent history, and the majority of accounts have been disregarded as cases of mass hysteria similar to the Witch Hunts.  Still, officials are urging citizens to be vigilant for any strange behavior, near 12th and Reynolds street in downtown Augusta on October 3rd.

The Zombie Walk is planned to take place on October 5st at 6:45 pm, the Zombies will gather at Springfield Park at  12th & Reynolds and begin their walk at 7:45 pm.

Even though participants will be "undead" they are asked to follow a few guide lines:

• Please do not drip anything (fake blood, ichor, etc.) on the sidewalk or spread it on  

  buildings or monuments, this can be considered vandalism and you can be held

  financially responsible for the clean up.

• Stay on the sidewalks. Not only is it dangerous to yourself and motorists if you run out

   in the road or jaywalk, it's also illegal.

•This is a family friendly event and we expect zombies of all ages. So do not show up

 drunk, scream obscenities, bring weapons, or attack anyone.

Lastly, please do respect any police officers who may step in to cease the walk. It is their right to do so if the zombies are impeding traffic or otherwise engaging in illegal activities. It is best to follow orders and disperse quietly.

The 3rd Annual Zombie Walk Augusta organizer Bryce Craps says, "After I participated in my first Zombie Walk in Raleigh, NC I had wanted to bring that fun back home with me, and organize one of my own for Augusta.  It's been amazing to watch it grow each year and to have downtown want to be a part of this."

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