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Fans camp out ahead of Ole Miss football game

(WMC-TV) – The excitement about football is in the air in Oxford, Mississippi.

The Rebels are just hours away from a highly anticipated gridiron showdown against the University of Texas.

Dozens of people camped out so they can find the best spot to set up their tents at The Grove. The area does not officially open until 9 p.m. Friday.

Some people have been out waiting since 7 a.m.

Texas has never played in Oxford and rumors are already flying about the most hyped up game of the season.

"I heard Coloniel Reb is going to ride Bevo into the stadium at halftime," said one fan.

The longhorn's mascot may not be in the grove, but plenty of Texans will. Several Texas students drove all the way from Austin for the big showdown.

"Not a lot of bad blood between the two schools, which is really interesting," said another fan. "Okay, maybe a little bit of bad blood."

But fans from both sides seem to agree on something.

"It's going to be absolutely insane, we're all very excited."

People are tossing the football, reading, and catching up with friends until 9 p.m. Friday when they can begin setting up their tailgating tents.

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