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Investigators working to prevent vehicle battery thefts

Example of marked batteries Example of marked batteries

Over the past few weeks the CSRA has had an increase in automotive battery thefts. Reports of battery thefts are occurring at residential and commercial properties, new and used car lots, and automotive repair shops. Thieves are breaking into automobiles, tractor trucks, dump trucks, construction and farm equipment with the sole intention of stealing the batteries.

Unfortunately the new metal theft law (HB 872) does not regulate batteries making it difficult to catch the thieves responsible.

The CSRA have been working with victims of these reported thefts offering low cost –prevention techniques that have been successful in preventing metal thefts and apprehension of the responsible thief. Below is a few of these crime prevention techniques:


Batteries are targeted by metal thieves to sell to recycling centers as this is one of the only state exceptions to receive cold hard cash.


1) Batteries can be engraved with the owner's initials or other identification markings that could be linked to them. Previous victims have also used paint pens to mark their batteries with identifiable markings.


2) Batteries can be marked with a can of high visibility neon colored spray paint (Neon Pink, Orange, Green, Yellow etc.). The high visibility paint acts as deterrence to thieves and makes it easier for law enforcement to identify your stolen batteries if they should show up at recycling centers.

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