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Aiken County makes massive drug bust

The Aiken County Sheriff's Office has completed a 2 month long narcotics investigation.

As a result of that investigation, 50 arrest warrants were obtained on 19 target individuals.

Yesterday, a round up was conducted to attempt to arrest those individuals responsible for the narcotics violations, 10 of the 19 target individuals were arrested along with 8 other individuals that were found to be in possession of narcotics at the time of the arrest.

The Sheriff's Office seized approximately $6000 worth of narcotics in the form of Crack Cocaine and Marijuana during the course of the investigation and confiscated approximately $10,000 in cash and 5 vehicles used in the sale of the narcotics.

For the mug shots and names of the suspects arrested in the bust, go to our Aiken County Community News photo gallery.

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