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Ceremony signals change of command at Fort Gordon


With the passing of the flag, a new leader takes control of Fort Gordon and the U.S. Army Signal Center.

"Excited, ecstatic and every other word you can think of. This is like winning the lottery," says Major General Lawarren Patterson. 

Winning the lottery for the Major General, a man who always dreamed of having a military career.

"This is something I wanted to do my whole life. As General Shinseki once said 'the army is a passion, it's an affair of the heart, you've got to love it, it's a profession, not a career,'" says MG Patterson. 

That love is one of many reasons the Major General says he is excited to take on the new role.

"As far as maintenance of the post and maintenance of the families that take care of Fort Gordon. I've never had that responsibility before and I look forward to it. Particularly working and dealing with the families, that's going to be the highlight," says Major General Patterson.

As Fort Gordon's new leader surveyed his troops with the former commanding general of the post, Major General Alan Lynn, he couldn't help but feel a great deal of pride.

"I love the army only second to my family and so to parade those troops and knowing there are soldiers out there and sailors airmen and marines that feel the same way, and they are willing to be part of that 1% that joined the military to serve our nation, you can't help but feel pride and that you're part of a special team, and that's what I was feeling out there," says MG Patterson.

A good feeling for the Major General as he prepares to battle his toughest job yet.

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