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Young professionals discuss future of "New U"

Augusta, GA (WFXG) - Alex, Anelia, Phillip…you may not recognize the names now, but these are the faces of Augusta's future. And as Georgia Health Sciences University and Augusta State University mold into the "New U," the Young Professionals of Augusta are all ears to the man spearheading the merger.

"We are the up and coming leaders of Augusta, and we see him as a leader," said Brooke Pribble, president of the Young Professionals of Augusta. "So we want to know what's happening in our community, and to us that's community news and it's going to change the face of Augusta."

The YPA is a network of 21 to 40-year-olds seeking leadership opportunities. In their monthly meeting the YPA learns why the consolidation is a pivotal point in Augusta's development, and how it could be a major opportunity in their blossoming careers.

"A university creates an environment of learning;" said Dr. Ricardo Azziz, president of Georgia Health Sciences University. "An environment of opportunity that many of these young professionals will actually be partaking of; they will be sharing in."

Dr. Azziz says the "New U" will have a major economic impact on Augusta; generating jobs and providing health care and other benefits. And he commends the young men and women who look to take advantage of the change by developing their leadership skills.

"I'm very pleased that the young professionals of Augusta want to understand the value of the consolidation, want to understand why we're doing things, and want to really offer their help. And we can certainly use their help," Dr. Azziz said.

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