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U.S. Power Squadrons teach sailors boat safety

U.S. Power Squadrons teach sailors boat safety

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Veronica Maguire revs up her power pontoon boat and takes it for a ride on the Savannah River every day. She's been sailing since the 1980s.

"It's a joy; a pleasure being out on the water," Maguire said. "And particularly the Savannah River to be so close to nature and to the city and have all this access to the wild life, it's just a beautiful; beautiful secret really."

And even though sailing has become second nature, Veronica says it's important for her to stay updated on boating precautions. That's why she enrolled in the Savannah River Sail and Power safe boating course.

The US Power Squadrons teach the rules and regulations of boating; information vital to anyone getting out on the water. 

"Even if you're just going to be a passenger on someone's boat, and they're ready to dock, and you need a role to play there, they want you to participate, having this course, you'll know what to do," said Paulette Harris, a member of the CSRA Power Squadrons.

Students learn nautical terms like "port side" which is the left side of the boat or "tacking," which is a sailing maneuver. They also learn emergency communications and navigation aids like sound or light signals.

 "You'll know better how to handle any safety issues," Harris said. "Suppose a storm is coming up."

Students are not only learning about boat safety, but they're also learning about the weather and whether or not it's a good day to go out.

Maguire said she enjoyed the weather course offered by the club, but says the sky is all clear for the weekend.

"Looks like a good day to boat," Maguire said. "There aren't any clouds in the sky and the wind is soft."

 Which is perfect sailing conditions for the captain of this ship.

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