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ASU, GHSU students split on potential names

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The signs reading "Georgia Health Sciences University" and "Augusta State University" are seeing their final days, and we now know what names may replace them.

Augusta State and Georgia Health Sciences Universities have revealed the six potential names for the "New U."

They are:

-University of Augusta

-Augusta University

-Arsenal University

-Augusta Arsenal University

-Bartram University

-Noble University

"I like all of them," says ASU junior Katina Berrian.

Other ASU students were pleased with the potential names, many in favor of University of Augusta or Augusta University.

"It's still Augusta and a university," says Berrian. "You can't really go wrong with that."

"I believe it's important that we kind of keep some of our heritage since we've been here such a long time," says ASU senior Brittney Andrews.

But over at GHSU, there's a different vibe among students. They say with no mention of medical studies or health sciences, they're feeling left out.

"Interesting," says GHSU student Kaley Peek. "These aren't the ones I would've chosen."

"It kind of just reminds me of Augusta State," says GHSU student Adrienne Popplewell. "It doesn't really bring into Georgia Health Sciences."

From MCG to GHSU to whichever of the six will now be chosen, all of this name changing has medical students wary.

"It gets a little confusing for students," laughs GHSU student Sara Kennedy. "We don't know what our degrees are going to say."

But other students say the name on the top of the degree isn't important to them as long as they receive one.

"It's just a name," says ASU incoming freshman Devon Bercier. "Whether it's Noble, Bartram, or University of Augusta, you're still coming here to get your degree, and you're still going to get your degree."

Now it's up to you. The universities are asking for public input. They want you to go online and pick your three favorites by June 22. To vote, go to

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