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Save a Life Tour stops at Fort Gordon

A coffin could be the last place you lay if you drive while drunk. That was the message CeJay Rich sent to troops at Fort Gordon. Rich know too all too well the effects of drunk driving. He lost his little sister to a teenage drunk driver.

"Long story short: flipped car. And she was decapitated from the jaw up," Rich said. "And I had to identify her body and I didn't look back."

Instead he looked to the future and joined the "Save a Life Tour." It's a high-alcohol impact awareness program that focuses on drinking and driving.

"It definitely was an eye-opener for me so I don't ever want to experience and anybody else to experience," said Private Dewayne Williams.

Soldiers hopped in the driver's seat of a drunk-driving simulation. The gas, brake and steering wheel generated delayed reaction showing the impairment of a drunk driver. Some also swapped their eye-glasses for beer goggles. They test drove a golf cart through, what would be to a sober driver, a simple obstacle course.

  "It wasn't easy," Williams said after hitting multiple cones through the course. "It looked like I had been drinking all night, and I haven't had anything to drink."

The legal blood alcohol level to get behind the wheel is .08. Participants wearing the beer goggles had the vision of .15.

"I never want to experience this in real life, because I was dizzy and I was scared to drive," said Specialist Chaunti Simmons. She also hit a few cones while driving the cart. "It didn't feel good at all."

Which is what Rich hopes all participants will remember before getting in the car after knocking back a few drinks.

 "It is 'Save a Life Tour' so if we get one person, then that's a victory," Rich said.

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