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Harlem High School instructor resigns after accusations of alleged sexual relationship

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A Harlem High School instructor resigned after accusations of a sexual relationship with a student.

Thomson Police Chief, Joe Nelson, said there are claims of a relationship between a 17-year-old student at Harlem High School and Mitchell Sivas, a 58-year-old ROTC instructor at the school.

"There might have been some sexual interaction that may have went on in Thomson, Georgia," said Nelson.

Columbia County investigators found the Harlem High School student at Sivas' Thomson house.

Investigators said at the time both parties said they were not involved in a sexual relationship.

Columbia County investigators said that story changed Thursday when the 17-year-old told investigators they did have sex and it happened more than once.

The ROTC instructor had worked for Harlem High for three years and resigned from the school this weekend - leaving behind disappointed school officials.

"I'm saddened, just like parents you entrust adults to look over the welfare of your students and when they betray that trust it's sad, very sad," said Dietmar Perez, Principal of Harlem High School.

Perez said school leaders are now working to move forward, "We will try to take care of the students, the school the community and try to move past this."

The news caught Anthony McGahee, one of Sivas' neighbors by surprise.

"It sure is shocking; I would never have had an idea that he was being accused of something like this because he seemed pretty normal to me," said McGahee.

Columbia County and McDuffie county investigators are working together to uncover the details of what supposedly happened between the instructor and the student.

"The case is still an ongoing investigation and we plan on some point at the time arriving at the truth of this matter," said Nelson.

Nelson tells Fox54 the father of the 17-year-old is not pressing charges.

Nelson said the District Attorney could prosecute the student who would face charges of a false statement and the instructor who would face a grand jury indictment.

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