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Hephzibah boy donates savings to help keep soldiers warm overseas

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Bailey Lewis is much like any other 12 year old boy.

He has big dreams to be an architect and he enjoys playing video games.

"I don't really have a favorite game," he says. "But my favorite series is Call of Duty."

So like many his age, Bailey started saving the money he made doing chores hoping to buy the new game in the series.

But one early morning car ride changed those plans.

"My grandpa was driving me to school and we heard about something they had going on called Operation Handwarmers, where they're donating handwarmers to the military since they have such cold and harsh conditions," Bailey explains.

Operation Handwarmers was founded to help soldiers battle the cold nights in Afghanistan and Iraq. Organizers say soldiers have told them some nights it gets so cold, soldiers can't feel their fingers, making pulling a trigger extremely difficult.

And that struck a cord with Bailey, who immediately thought of his Call of Duty experience.

"It made me think how I would feel if I saw someone steadily shooting bullets at me and I couldn't shoot back," says Bailey.

So Bailey decided to take action.

He took all the money he had saved for months to purchase Call of Duty- $100- and instead giving it to Operation Handwarmers. 

"It felt good to know that I was helping them with their job, and how they would feel when they just saw a truck come in with tons of boxes on it and they open it up and there's all kind of handwarmers and stuff in it," he says.

Operation Handwarmers organizers were so tickled from Bailey's donation, they honored him at Wednesday morning's Greater CSRA Preferred Providers meeting.

"Bailey demonstrates one of our Army values, which is selfless service," says Ft. Gordon Director of Emergency Services Army LTC Hollis Bush. "For him to give his allowance and his earnings, it shows that we even have the youngest of the youngest

Bailey was rewarded for his generosity-receiving an autographed CD from his favorite band, Rascal Flatts, a brand new fishing pole, a plaque from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, and a $100 Game Stop gift card.

Bailey's family says they never expected all the accolades and attention that has come from his simple gift.

"All this has evolved around us," says Bailey's great-grandfather Larry Nunnally. "Everybody called us and said, 'This is what's going to happen.' All we were trying to do is deliver some handwarmers."

Nunnally has raised Bailey his whole life, teaching him that he will reap what he sows. He says he's just proud of the selfless man Bailey is growing into.

"He was willing to give it up without a second thought," Nunnally says. "It didn't matter, just that they needed it."

Through all the attention he's received, Bailey has remained humble, almost teetering on naivete.

"There's tons and tons of people around the world who know who you are all because of what you did," says Fox 54's Jake Wallace. "How cool is that?"

"That's really cool," replies Bailey, flashing a shy smile.

On the surface, Bailey seems like just an average 12 year old.

But his actions prove that he is much, much more.

To find out more about Operation Handwarmers, go to their website: http://www.operationhandwarmer.com/

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