Wings: the new Super Bowl Sunday party snack

Super Bowl Sunday: the biggest business day for chicken wing restaurants nation-wide. Last year the National Chicken Council projected more than 1.5 billion wings to be gobbled down during Super Bowl weekend.

"We've been encouraging all our guests to pre-order," said Joviane Branker, the co-owner of the WingStop restaurant in Martinez. "All week long and the week before we've been greeting them with 'Have you placed your Super Bowl order yet?"

Last year, Branker's store sold about18,000 wings. This year, they hope to toss, sauce and sell even more. But football fans are still sticking to the traditional game-day meal. Marco's Pizza prepares for what they call their biggest Sunday of the year too.

"We're expecting double to triple to the normal Sunday that we would normally do," said Shawn Skip, the area manager for Marco's Pizza. "We're looking at possibly four to five hundred orders at Grovetown and about three to four hundred over here."

And even though pizza shops are filling wing orders with their slices as well, it's no contest to the 800 pieces these wing experts are frying up every 15 minutes, as wings become the number one party snack for Super Bowl Sunday.