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Murder victim's loved ones look back at her life

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A beautiful little girl smiles at the camera, her blonde hair falling at her shoulders.

"We lived about four houses down from each other and we've just grown up with each other since then," says Lauren Williams.

That little girl, and the friend Lauren describes is a young Cayce Vice, a victim of domestic abuse who at just 21-years-old was shot to death in her apartment early Saturday morning.

"Her dad told us what happened and I couldn't believe it. I busted into tears right then and there for 30-40 minutes straight and I couldn't stop," says a heartbroken Williams.

Those closest to Cayce lit candles outside of her apartment to remember who she was and to honor her life.

"She was a fun loving person, and open, she was very ambitious," says Dorscy Timmerman, who became instant friends with Cayce when they met.

Lauren's father Jamie, remembers Cayce like one of his own.

"She was like a daughter to me, she was a good girl, she always brought light into the room."

The Richmond County Sheriff's County Office says 26-year-old Joshua Jones, a convicted felon, also accused of shooting and killing Aiken Department of Public Safety Officer Sandra Rogers just hours after taking Cayce's life and the life of their unborn child.

As soon as she found out she was pregnant they were going to try to work things out and as far as I know they were doing okay," says Lauren.

Cayce's friends say this wasn't the first time Jones became violent. Just three weeks ago he beat her up so bad, he broke her nose, leaving her with black eyes. The young girl's loved ones hope this never happens again.

"Think really hard about the relationship your in, and try to get out of it," says Jamie of the girl he saw as a daughter.

Jones is facing murder charges in South Carolina and Georgia for the deaths of Master Corporal Rogers and Cayce Vice. Investigators are still waiting on autopsy results to decide whether they will charge Jones with the murder of his unborn child.

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