Grow Your Business - Broadcast Television

Pros - Largest in reach, and the time people spend with it, television is also the most creative of all advertising. It combines many of the advantages of other media: words, pictures, sound, color, and adds motion. Instantaneously available in nearly every household nationwide, it is the one true mass medium, delivering selective audiences within its mass audience. Advertisers using television to its fullest combine reach with frequency to target specific audiences. They find it can sell products, expand a customer base, and position an advertiser almost overnight to make it a new force in the marketplace. Television is experiencing excellent growth with the advent of big screens, plasma sets, and HD broadcasting. For the first time in history, the average household has more T.V.s than people. It is the most dominant media in influencing buying decisions—over four times more dominant than its closest competitor. Considered the "cream" of advertising media, what happens first, happens on T.V.

Cons - While on the surface, television appears to be comparable with other media as a way of reaching and influencing people, underneath it offers hidden qualities many advertisers have failed to tap. While number one with national advertisers for thirty consecutive years, and though it's growing fastest with retail or local advertisers, many retail/local businesses have yet to "discover" television. There is a fear that it is too expensive for smaller businesses because they feel they have to by the so-called "prime time" to grow their businesses. Finally, more and more local companies are realizing "prime time" is different for everyone. Shift workers, healthcare employees, and emergency personnel (firefighters and police), hospitality employees, and many others seldom watch T.V. in the 7:00-9:00 P.M. "prime time" window. Their viewing habits span any 24 hour period. For businesses that haven't tried it, or have merely dabbled in it, there is a fear that they will not succeed. Yet, as a number of retailers lead the way for others, competitors move quickly to catch up.