Grow Your Business - Cable

Pros - Seen by many as the advertising medium of the future, the concept of cable is the skill to target precise segments of the marketplace—the upper income, households with large families, the home which skews to special interests and product preferences. Extensive in its offerings, cable offers multiple channels distinctly from other channels in program format.

Cons -  Cable has not lived up to its expectation. It has not become the viable advertising medium once expected. Primary to its problems, specific cable programming has not gained substantial audiences—we now know this through ratings companies measuring audience levels. Viewership levels of 30% or less for all cable channels combined in any 24 hour period are common. Also, the average market only has 67% coverage generally with several different services to be purchased. It is fraught by connects and disconnects. In our local Aiken-Augusta market, cable penetration is only 54%! And that is also spread out over several cable systems available in the area. Not to mention, our ADS (Alternate Delivery System, or 'Satellite')penetration is now up to 37%! And the only local ads you see on those systems are on the broadcast channels! The only chance you have to reach the ENTIRE market, is on FOX, NBC, ABC, or CBS. Be sure you are comparing apples to apples!