Grow Your Business - Newspapers

Pros - The oldest of the advertising media, it is entrenched with advertisers experienced in using newspapers. It allows advertisers to present ads in depth. Several copy points can be stressed or many because there is no limit to the amount of information that can be conveyed. An ad can run from a few lines as a classified ad, to a double-truck spread with multiple co-op products. Newspapers do well in reaching the better-educated and upper-income interested in being informed. Delivered direct to the home, its ads can be saved. Newspapers offer the chance for couponing, and, in many cases, select market distribution.

Cons - Unfortunately, newspaper circulation is plummeting even though advertising costs continue to escalate. Newspaper readership is dropping heavily with the under 50 crowd, offering little opportunity to build future customers. Because people can save and compare competitive ads, store to store, newspapers act as a shopper, undermining store or brand loyalty. Newspaper ads tend to be read by current (not new) customers, limited advertiser expansion. Each year, the ratio of advertising content to editorial content widens, as ads increase and reading matter drops. Saddest of all, many respected daily newspapers have—and continue to go—either out of business or into mergers.