Grow Your Business - Outdoor

Pros -  High on frequency, outdoor advertising can target available audiences repeatedly, for example, in locations where upper-income families will see it. It can introduce a new product, remind potential customers of a local or national advertiser, and establish a single, strong selling theme. As a result, recall to outdoor advertising can be established quickly and effectively. Outdoor offers the advantages of color, choice, location, and flexibility in size, allowing the advertiser to be seen "bigger than life" for a long period of time.

Cons -  Because it is set in position, reaching people in the same geographic area—and generally the car driving public—outdoor begins as intrusive, but becomes passive after the same message sits in the same place for long periods of time. Rarely does it reach new customers unless the message is changed or moved frequently, and though its purpose is to reach people out-of-home, preferably immediately prior to purchase, it's limited in its ability to present copy points or sales benefits. Melding with the scenery, it can be considered blight on the community, particularly in the beauty of the countryside.